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This seat opened up really late in the process, and I was asked by conservative leaders and elected officials to run as a write-in candidate to ensure Republicans would have a strong Arizona First candidate on the ballot this November.
I am answering that call and need your help to protect Arizona from the Democrats and liberals who want to get their hands on this seat. Between now and July 30th our mission is simple: Make sure every Republican knows to write in James Taylor and fill in that second oval below Steve Montenegro on your ballot for State Representative in District 29.

You can help in three ways:
1)    Write-in James Taylor on your ballot.
2)    Spread the word to your friends and neighbors in the district.
3)    Make a contribution on this website to help fund this effort.
Thank you for your support and prayers, I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

James Taylor
I'm committed to working as a team with Janae Shamp and Steve Montenegro to secure our borders, protect our elections, and fight the Biden/Hobbs agenda.
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