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James is an Arizona First, America First Conservative

Secure Borders
Build the Wall
Enforce our Laws
Reinstate Trump’s Border Policies
Designate the Cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Defend our 2nd Amendment Rights

Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Restore Parental Rights

Support School Choice
Protect Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)
No Men in Girls’ Sports
Protect Our Kids from Grooming/Targeting

Support Long-Term Water Planning

Ensure Arizona’s Water Future
Protect Arizona’s Agriculture & Ranching Industries

Stop Joe Biden – Elect Donald Trump

Bring Back Our Economy & American Energy
Defeat Inflation & High Interest Rates

Defend Human Life & the Pre-Born

Conservative Values

Protect our Police/Fire

Back the Badge
Target Child/Sex Traffickers
Fight the Fentanyl Epidemic

Look after our Veterans

Protect our Military Members & Families
Champion Arizona’s Military Bases, like Luke AFB

Support Our Cause

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